Biometric Clocking

Smart Kinta interfaces with biometric devices such as palm vein readers and fingerprint scanners to ensure accurate clocking in and out by the proper employee.

Mobile Clocking

Smart Kinta supports mobile clocking in and out via smartphone, with no app required. Employee’s physical location is verified with GPS information.

Workflow Management

Smart Kinta allows companies to set up leave requests and business expense claims and automates workflows so managerial approval is paperless and just a click away, with multiple approvals (up to five levels) supported.

Business Expense Claim Support

Smart Kinta tracks business expense claims even in foreign currencies, converting to your currency automatically.

Payroll Accounting Support

Local requirements such as your CPF, SDL, CDAC, MBMF, SINDA, and ECF are supported by Smart Kinta’s payroll module. Your IR8A, Appendix A & B is sent automatically.


Say goodbye to scheduling headaches with Smart Kinta, which provides an easy-to-use staff scheduler that already knows which staff are on leave, and shows you which staff are under-utilised or over-utilised.


We can customize Smart Kinta to interface with your accounting, payroll, scheduling, or other software, and with your spreadsheets, to reduce your workload.