Manage automated time & attendance in real time, from anywhere.

  • Cloud-based: no server, no installation required
  • Manage schedules, track time & attendance, administer absence & leave
  • Manage travel/business expense reimbursement claims
  • Calculate overtime, flag late-in/early-out, interface with payroll & more.
  • Many more features!

The Problem

manual time & attendance

The Solution

automated time & attendance

Leave Requests & Approvals

Employee requests for time off are forwarded to management for approval through the Smart Kinta system. Options for single approval and multiple approvals (e.g. supervisor, manager, executive) and additional options are available.

Choose from Many Clocking Devices

Choose for employees to clock in/out via a web browser, smartphone (GPS Tracking available with no installation required), or card reader. For additional security against instances of time fraud, choose a fingerprint reader or palm vein reader.

Unstable Internet is No Problem

Smart Kinta's offline clocking feature logs employee clock-ins and clock-outs at the right time even if your Internet is temporarily down. When the connection is restored the clocking data is automatically uploaded.